Welcome to the Veganic Apparel Website!

Veganic Apparel was founded by two passionate Vegans from the Bronx. Jesse @Vegantake0ver and TK @Veganrapper met in 2015 and quickly became good friends. They realized they both shared a passion for Veganism but in every aspect of life, not only when it came to food. From clothing to music they were both interested in putting a Vegan spin on things! Make sure to check out @veganrapper’s album ALL ABOUT THE PLANTS. So in 2017 they decided to launch their first ever Organic Vegan T-Shirt Line! They both felt very strong about sustainability which is why their clothing is made from Organic Materials as well as providing hemp options unlike most brands that are made from GMO Commercial Cotton and other less desirable ingredients. If you are against GMO’s why wear them? Most people are only aware of the GMO’s they put in their mouths but forget about the ones they put on their skin. Our skin is our largest organ and we must keep it healthy and free from of pesticides. We welcome you to join us on this journey of 100% sustainable Veganic Apparel. Vote with you dollar and help support a local small business that’s a vegan owned company. We hope you enjoy our collection!